Kidz Kaos can provide you a Controlled, Safe and, enjoyable Shooting Session. We can deliver the sessions either at your Venue or Ours. If we are to deliver at your Venue, One of our Instructors will have to carry out a Risk Assessment to see if your Venue is suitable.


Off site shooting will require Kidz Kaos bring extra staff due to the Security of our equipment.


With Shooting the Sport is now covered by Section 21 of the Firearms act 19>>.


Due to they restrictions placed upon the sport you must check with us first. Extracts from Section 21 can be found at the bottom of this page.


Those taking part in this Activity will need to sign declarations to deem their suitability to shoot.


Our sessions are delivered to various grroups and with young people we aim to diswade young people from thinking that firearms are 'Cool' and we educate them for safe use and conseqencial uses if they step outside of the Law.


Kidz Kaos DOES NOT ALLOW Photography at any Shootong session that it runs other than our own 'Official' Photographer. The reason we dont want posing on Bebo, Facebook, My Space Etc, Etc. with our equipment being shown in a glorified fashion. No Phones, No Cameras, No Questions. 


We use the latest design air rifles, pistols and pellets as you can see from the pictures on this page.


Kidz Kaos only use Scoring targets and Spinners. We have a strict policy that we do not shoot at anything that can be a replication of life.


If you would like further information or to book sessions please contact us by clicking here. 




























The Activities Team can not be held responsible for telephone calls not returned, we therefore advise

you that if you have not had a return telephone call or correspondence from us

within 24hrs that you make contact again





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