So who are we and what do we do, what do we look like ?


Have a look below and see our team of Coaches, Instructors and Staff.



































Gary is a one of the Company directors and has worked in Sports, Leisure, Youth and Play work for the last 16 years and has vast experiences in this field of work.



Gary is trained and qualified in Sports & Leisure Management & Delivery, Level 3 Youth & Play Work and holds many Instructors Qualifications in areas such as Archery, Shooting, Weight Lifting, Karting, Mountain Biking, FA Referee, Dodge Ball Level 2 Coach to name but a few.













Ryan is the second company director and brings with him 5 years experience of the Activity Business both delivery and planning of all.


Ryan is a Level 3 Qualified Play Manager and is qualified in Shooting, Archery, Mountain Biking, FA Referee, Level 2 Dodge Ball.


To date Ryan has organised many, many activities and events both for the Company and with local Schools and Agencies such as the Police and Local Authorities.


Ryan is involved in the main face to face delivery of the Kidz Kaos sessions.








Nick is our full-time Volunteer and spends his time assisting the staff team to deliver the sessions that we run and provide.


Nick is known by all the local schools and agencies as he been delivering activities for a few months.


Nick got involved with us through his Volunteering with Prospects. It is hoped that in the future Nick will become one of our main part time employees.












































































Lynne is our behind the Scenes company secretary and provides us with full administrative back up in the running of our very busy office.


This is a really important role as we need to have an effective and efficient office to meet the needs and demands in this very busy environment.


Lynne is also responsible for our Catering needs at events and supplies us with are Buffets for Birthday Parties and also serves and provides our mobile Tuck Shop to organisations and groups.







Mark is the Companies Sporty Sports star and is involved in the delivery of all of our sessions, you may have met him as he is our ‘Beat the Keeper’ when we are out on Location at our various Venues and Festivals.


Mark is the Kaos Football Coach and is currently just finishing his Level 3 in Sports Coaching Delivery and Fitness Testing




















Margaret has a long history and vast experiences in the food supply and preparation industry and her role is to assist the Kaos Crew with the preparation of the Buffets and the Mobile Tuck Shop provision that we run and operate.


Part of her role along side Lynne is to source goods and products that we may use.








Known as ‘Poppy’ to most Keith is our Volunteer Driver and Handy Person who spends most of his time with the Company setting up events and delivering equipment to our venues and groups.


With his ‘handyman’ role Keith ensures that all of our equipment is checked, safe and ready for action at our next session.


You may have been picked up by ‘Poppy’ as he also drives our Minibus for group pick ups.






Lyn is our helping hands Volunteer and is able to assist us in the Smooth running of all of our session deliveries.


Lyn brings with her vast Experiences of the activity business and has a responsibility for the delivery of our Vehicles and equipment to our various sites and events.


Lyn helps us with the on location administration and is qualified in, Playwork, Archery and, Shooting.

Jamie is the youngest member of the group aged 8 and is the bosses Nephew.


Jamie spends his time at the events running the errands.


Jamie will also spend his time joining us on our activities and is very proficient in Biking and sports.


Jamie also involves himself in the delivery of our festival sessions in Parks and Open Spaces.

























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Becky is another member of our staff team and spends her time delivering Sessions at all of our venues.


Becky is qualified to Level 2 in CSLA and University Level 2 Leadership, further to this Becky is the Kidz-Kaos Tag Rugby Coach for our Youth & Schools Delivery.


Becky is currently training on her Level 2 Youth & Play Work Qualifications.