Kidz Kaos can operate and actively seek space and opportunities to attend local Events and Festivals.


We have a number of ways that this can happen.


1. You book us to attend your event for an agreed fee and we supply the choice of activity you require and all your guests or attendees will get the chance to have a go ‘free of Charge’. Prizes are available for participants at an agreed cost supplied by us. You could even charge your attendees to have a go and all money raised would be kept by you, in these circumstances you would be required to provide a member of staff to administer.


2. We attend your event for an agreed fee and charge your guests or attendees a set price to have a go at the chosen activity that we are providing, the Prizes are supplied by us and we control all of the Proceeds of the day.


3. The final option is if you are running a fundraising event and the main purpose is to raise valuable funds for your group or Charity. We do this by way of negotiation with the hirer or event organiser, you may have a set price for the day and that is ‘set in stone’ however here at Kidz Kaos we offer the group £10 for every 2 hours that your event is running and then we donate 20% of our profit to you or your Charity.


We can supply you with the following;

Penalty Shoot Out.

You will have 3 shots to try and beat the ‘Krazy Keeper’

Speed Trap

3 Shots into a Football Goal and we record your Speed in Miles Per Hour to see who has the fasted shot.

Shots on Target

A purpose made 7 Foot Blow up diameter football with a hole in the Middle, can you get the ball through the hole, but remember you only have 3 balls to do it.

Spray Tattooists

Spray Stencil tattoos are safe, clean and very cool choose from hundreds of designs that we have.

Krazy Kandy Floss

Supplied in Bags or on a stick we can attend with this age old favourite a sure winner at any festival or fete

Hammer Striker

Hit the Bell with the Mallet and win a Prize, with our guaranteed crowd puller always a favourite with the children.

Coconut Shy

3 or 5 balls to hit the Coconut off the stand to win the Coconut, this again an age old favourite with all, a simply yet great game that all can have a go.


Promotional Walking Staff

We can walk freely around your event giving away freebies to your guest and attendees. We are able to supply blow up items suitable for your event for an agreed price this usually goes down really well.


Kidz Kaos will award a prize to anyone having a go at any challenge game to ensure that all walk away with something.




For details please contact us.





































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